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My Daily Rant

I am Finally Updating my Journal. YEY!!! I have been busy trying to get my site up which isn't going over too well plus I am trying to get all my files on this pc to Emily's pc so she can burn them to a cd so I can take them out to my mom's house. That isn't going too well either. My pc is going slow every 5 seconds when I am trying to email her my stuff. I am babysitting my brothers again. That is pretty Much my whole summer, but there is a bonus I am going to my mom's the 24th of July. And when I get there, there is supposed to be a carnival which my friends and I are going to and I am going to get an air brush Tattoo. Its not a real one I know but it lasts for like 3 weeks :). My dad is going to flip but I don't care cuz I am 16. :) and my mom wont care. I get to help her move to her new house and then I am going to learn how to drive. My dad has been practicing with me which is fun but he makes me nervous. Also Sierra is burning me a CD YEY!!!! I am so excited. lol
I am just a little Hyper today . I need a new Icon. hm.......... lets see of who? Drew may be yeah that will go great lol.

Ok I am done with my boring life how are you all?

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